Which Are the Most Common Car Key Problems?

Does anybody pay attention to the ignition car key until it is too late? Too late to fix a particular problem, which prevents you from starting the vehicle or opening the car door? Now, that can be a drag. Commonly, it might be a nightmare. Can you picture having your child locked inside your car without keys to open the door? Well, it could turn into a disaster! In addition, problems with car keys can be a reason why you miss another important appointment, remain in a remote control location alone or it can keep you from arriving at your work on time. Hence, there’s one thing that’s certain: any issue with the transponder key will make your life a bit more challenging.

The following are the 4 most common car key problems, why they occur, and what can you do about them.

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Which Are the Most Common Car Key Problems?

The Key Is Locked Inside the Car

One of the common problems is that keys might be locked inside the car or in the trunk. What’s even worse is that most of the key owners keep an extra key in their glove compartments, which is not really that helpful.

Solution: You have to contact a locksmith to open the car door or trunk. Also, keep the extra key with you at all times.

The Key Is Damaged

Car keys are actually durable. They will not break or bend easily. However, on the contrary, nobody takes care of them. Sometimes, we throw them around like they are useless objects, we let our pets and kids play with them, and we even use them on a daily basis. In time, the grooves and edges might get worn. The key will not get inserted at all or it will not fit with ease in the ignition.

Solution: You must take care of your key and remember to keep an extra key with you in case of an emergency.

Communication with the ECU Is Lost

The moment you turn the key in the ignition, it transports a message—an encrypted code—to the ECU or engine car keys control. When the vehicle’s control system recognizes the key, it enables you to drive. Every transponder key is fixed to work with a particular car only for security purposes. However, any issues to the system will lead to a failure of communication between the key and the ECU so that the car will not start. 

Solution: Reprogramming the key is the only way to fix this problem. However, in order to do that, you need the help of a professional auto locksmith.

The Key Is Lost

Let’s face it, this happens to some. The key might be stolen, misplaced or simply lost. Without a key, one cannot open and start the car. Also, you must not attempt to break in or use traditional ways to start the engine since new cars are provided with high-security systems. And that might be damaged once you try to do that.

Solution: Keep the key in a safe place and carry a second one with you all the time. But, never keep them both together.

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